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Internet Marketing Strategy:
44 Link Popularity Secrets

By Robert A. Kearse

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The following article may be freely reprinted online
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box. The reprint must have all article urls and resource
box url hyperlinked. Failure to follow these guidelines
is a copywright violation.

Enjoy these BENEFITS:

-Quality targeted traffic from backlink & reciprocal
link partners

-Sustained long-term free search engine traffic

-Recognition as an authority in your specific field

There are enormous benefits to be had if you
master and use these link popularity secrets.
These 44 linking strategies and tactics are
organized into three sections:

Link Popularity Resources, Tools, & Techniques

Backlinks (Incoming Links)

Reciprocal Links

(1-11) Link Popularity Resources, Tools, & Techniques

(1) (1) (1) (1)

You will need a comprehensive script to manage the
many tasks of a complete link popularity strategy.

First step:

Download and install Duncan Carver's Link Management
Assistant (LMA):

The best link popularity software.

Other leading link building products are:


Reciprocal Manager


...but all have significant price tags attached.

LMA is the Rolls Royce of link popularity software.

In a class by itself!

Oh yes, did I mention that it is free!

This link building software is the best option for
building a niche directory for a mini site or niche

Even if you currently use other link popularity
software, you should add LMA to your Internet
marketing arsenal.

Download now or bookmark this page:


For an example of a link directory established with
LMA see the "Work At Home Website Directory" that I
have started to develop on this website:


(2) (2) (2) (2)

Read this important article:

Keyword Phrases In Linking text:

Linking text, sometimes called anchor text is the
clickable text that takes people to another page
or resource.

Mastering the skill of using keyword phrases in your
linking text is one of the critical secrets to understand
in developing an effective link building strategy.

Take special notice of the importance of using this
technique in your INTERNAL links within your website!

(3) (3) (3) (3)

You should be aware of the penalties search engines
can inflict.

Vary keywords in linking text:


In your linking strategy you should offer multiple
anchor text options for other webmasters to choose
in linking to your website.

Change these options AT LEAST ONCE PER MONTH.

(4) (4) (4) (4)

Subscribe to these link popularity newsletters:

Linking Matters Newsletter

LinkingNews Newsletter

The dynamics of what's effective on the Internet can
change at a frightening pace. Subscribe to these
ezines and keep current.

(5) (5) (5) (5)

Bookmark this website:


Free articles on strategic link building, linking
strategies and tactics, and link popularity. Eric
Ward is one of the most knowledgeable individuals
in terms of link popularity on the entire Internet.

Visit this site on a REGULAR BASIS.

(6) (6) (6) (6)

Use keywords in your domain name.

The links that you are sowing all over the Internet
will show up more often in search engine results, if
you are using important keywords in your domain

Use the knowledge you gained from SECRET #2
concerning "keyword phrases in linking text".

(7) (7) (7) (7)

Download this ebook which contains a collection of
link building tactics:


An array of link popularity strategies that you won't
find anywhere else.

The strategies are not numbered so make a page
notation for link building tactics that fit your situation.

(8) (8) (8) (8)

Download and install the Alexa Toolbar.


Important toolbar to improve your link popularity.

Use of the toolbar positively affects your Alexa
ranking. Since some webmasters take into account
your website's Alexa ranking the better your ranking
the higher your success rate in getting reciprocal links.

(9) (9) (9) (9)

Install a robots.txt file in root directory of your
website (server).

Google's robots (and other SE robots) need to track
your links (both internal and external). Give them
help and proper guidance with the robot.txt file.

For a valuable tutorial on this technique visit:

Robots.txt Tutorial

For other helpful robots.text info visit:

Robots.txt Validator

Robots.txt Forum

Search engine spiders particularly need help indexing
pages that are MORE THAN TWO LEVELS removed
from the home page.

(10) (10) (10) (10)

Use this Text-to-Hyperlink Conversion Tool


If you have an HTML ezine or publish articles online,
ARTICLE ARE HYPERLINKED. Hyperlinking only the
url in the resource box is not enough.

If your articles are online, and you have referenced
your own website in the article, check to make sure
the links are live.

You will find some article banks where the urls within
articles are not hyperlinked. Whenever you encounter
this state, alert the editor to the above easy-to-use tool.

Also, express your strong preference for articles with
live links.

By the way, you can edit your own articles with some
article banks to include live hyperlinks. Where
appropriate use the above tool to make your article
links live and improve your link popularity.

(11) (11) (11) (11)

Download this powerful free ebook on time management.


This is a talking ebook, plus a written transcript of
the audio.

You will learn the powerful concept of the TIME
QUADRANT, plus 12 critical time management rules.

No one can take advantage of all 44 link popularity
secrets in a couple of days or weeks. There are a
tremendous amount of productive steps you can take

Therefore, you should SET GOALS of completing a
certain step or number of steps by a SPECIFIC DATE.

Once you have put all of these link popularity secrets
in place, your website will become a powerful force on
the Internet!


(12-37) Backlinks (Incoming Links)

(12) (12) (12) (12)

Write and publish articles online.

Informed opinion has it that BACKLINKS, that is,
one-way, incoming links are MORE VALUABLE than
reciprocal links.

If the backlink is from a high PR, high traffic site,
it should prove to be extremely valuable both in terms
of traffic and link popularity.

The absolute best way to get backlinks from high
quality sites is to write and publish articles online.

Therefore, I have included extensive data for you to

There are five main distribution channels for your
articles that you should concentrate on:

(1)Article Banks or Directories

(2)Announcement Lists

(3)Ezines that have an online archive

(4)Ezine Editors

(5)Individual websites that publish articles

Article Banks or Directories

Here are a number of different sources:



Announcement Lists



Yahoo Groups








Ezines That Have An Online Archive

You should make it a top priority to start and build a
file that lists ezines with an online archive.


Use your judgement. How up to date is the archive? How
many subscribers?? What's the Alexa rating?

By the way, if you ADVERTISE in ezines that have an
online archive, any links in the ad that reference
your own websites will add to your link popularity.

Ezine Editors

You will be using mainly ezine directories:

Some editors print their ezine online but do not have
an online archive.

Important list of ezine directories.

Comprehensive list of ezine directories.

Copy and paste this list of urls in your email program
and send it to yourself so you will have a hyperlinked

Here is a PAID alternative.

This list is selective so it should contain quality
ezines with no out-of-date listings:


Individual Websites That Publish Articles

If you go to http://Google.com, type in:

"target keyword phrase + articles"

You will find websites where you can post articles for
that keyword. As an example:

"link popularity + articles" yields this:


Fee Based Article Distribution

Here are two paid article distribution services that I
have used with good results:


The service above was the first I used for the article

"Internet Marketing Strategy:The Advertising Co-op"

If you copy and paste the article title above,
including quotes, at http://google.com, you will see
the extent of this article's distribution.

Most of these links are BACKLINKS!

I manually submitted this article to about 10-15
websites, but it was very time consuming. After using
Phantom Writers the distribution grew to about 250.

After six months I used isnare for further paid


This service has a very moderate cost.

Blog Posts Re: Articles

Look for June 20th post at:

Click on "Oh no... here come the critics:


Then read comment #12.

Then read comment #19:


Powerful stuff!

Critical Secret Re Article Titles

Article Marketing & Copywriting Secret: How To Make
Your Article TITLE Sell


After reading this article you should realize that you
can get two gigantic benefits from your online

improved link popularity

free website traffic from search engines when your
article shows up

If Your Writing Skills Are Poor Or Insufficient

Writing and publishing articles online has such a
tremendous benefit, but what if you can't write well,
or worse, don't feel you have enough knowledge??

Pick a hot topic and get a ghost writer!

A ghost written article means the article is published
with your name as the author.


The benefits you receive will more than make up for
the cost when your ghost written article becomes
widely distributed.

(13) (13) (13) (13)

Submit your website to these directory sites:


The single most important directory listing you can
have. There may be long delays in getting your site
listed. Be prepared to follow up. A free listing but
very powerful.


WARNING: Paying the fee does not guarantee inclusion
in the directory.


You can avoid the listing fee by becoming an editor.


An important widely used business directory. To submit
your site click "Advertise With Us" at bottom of page.


A comprehensive resource that is very valuable if
fully utilized. Ranks directories by how "powerful"
they are.


Great structure. Offers separate FREE and PAID
directory listings.

(14) (14) (14) (14)

Here are some meta directories that list directory
sites where you can submit your Web site:


Beaucoup.com is a large directory which lists more
than 2,500 search engines and directories.


This directory lists more than 900 specialized search
engines and directories.

(15) (15) (15) (15)

List your link or niche website directory with these

Extraordinary resource!



Valuable resource! An annotated directory.

See multiple post re lists of directories by Megri



Be sure to give your directory a name that includes
important keywords.

Having a niche directory with a narrow focus can add
tremendous value to your website since it can save an
interested party a huge amount of time in locating
valuable resources.

(16) (16) (16) (16)

If you have your own website or niche directory,

Submit it to the directories of directories referenced

Advertise your link or niche directory using free
advertising resources such as:







The focus is not on promoting your overall website but
on advertising your link or niche directory specifically.

Your intent is to promote and secure backlinks.

You hope that other websites, once they discover it,
will want to link to a valuable resource, YOUR DIRECTORY.

So make your directory exceptional and link within it
to high quality websites.

Your Promotion should be RELENTLESS.

(17) (17) (17) (17)

Submit your blog and RSS feeds to directories:


For details on setting up your syndicated feed, read
this article by William Bontrager:


(18) (18) (18) (18)

If you have the appropriate files, submit your site to
directories for .pdf files, multimedia files and image




(19) (19) (19) (19)

List your ezine in these ezine directories. Make sure
you have a SEPARATE sign-up page for your newsletter
or ezine.

Such listings will give you a permanent backlink to
your website.




This site has a comprehensive list of ezine directories:


(20) (20) (20) (20)

Post to forums, blogs, and newsgroups.

When your website has appropriate useful information,
your responsive answers to forum members' requests can
include a direct link to the appropriate page of your

Your post must be DIRECTLY RESPONSIVE to the topic,
not just an attempt to gain a backlink.

In addition, many forums allow a signature file, where
you can include a backlink to your website. Use the
knowledge from SECRET #2 in your signature file.

Here is a link to a site with solid information on
forums complete with a list of active and prominent
forums to investigate.

Valuable resource for Internet Marketing forums.

An extremely valuable FREE ebook on posting at forums
can be obtained at:

Link popularity and posting at forums

All of the powerful knowledge and wisdom in this ebook
can be applied to posting at blogs and newsgroups.

Highly recommended!


Google indexes the content of newsgroups.

An easy way to post messages in newsgroups is to
create a Google account and to post via their Web


(21) (21) (21) (21)

Get free publicity, free traffic, and valuable backlinks
through using free press release distribution services.



If you want a serious infusion of valuable publicity
and public relations knowledge, an excellent place to
start would be subscribing to George McKenzie's FREE
Publicity Pro Newsletter.

Learn from a pro and master this knowledge, and your
mastery should pay huge dividends, in terms of
valuable backlinks, increased traffic and increased


Key Paid Service

URLwire is one of the best fee based services
available. URLwire is a web site announcement network
started in 1994.

URLwire reaches the KEY ONLINE CONTACTS who
specifically write about, review, and link to new web

An investment of your resources that rates to pay very
big dividends.


(22) (22) (22) (22)

Post a helpful "comment" to Google Answers.





You want questions that are relevant to valuable
information and answers supplied by your website.

(23) (23) (23) (23)

Set up an affiliate program. Here is a source of
affiliate scripts:


Make certain that the script you choose is reliable.

Under no circumstances should you start to use a
script without asking on at least a couple of forums
whether anyone has had experience with your script of

You can also use affiliate management software such as
easyClickMate. See the link below for a free ebook
that explains in detail this strategy.


A successful affiliate strategy should result in
thousands of backlinks from theme related websites.

(24) (24) (24) (24)

Develop a simple strategy to induce members of
Furl.net to establish a public link to one or more of
your website pages.

You want them to store your website page with the
PUBLIC SAVE FUNCTION in their individual Furl.net


This free system is one of the absolute best
information resource tools you can use to store
valuable information in a format that you design and
use with ease.

Highly recommended. Act now!

(25) (25) (25) (25)

Link to http://amazon.com

Have someone write a review of your website for
Amazon.com, and you will be automatically included in
the Alexa.com. data base.


The reviewer should first do a search with your
complete url in the search box at the above link.

Then look for:

User Reviews for your website.com

Be the first person to write a review of this site on

The reviewer clicks the hyperlink and writes the
review for Amazon.com

(26) (26) (26) (26)

List your ebook for sale with http://amazon.com.

Click "Sell Your Stuff" from the top menu.

You will enjoy listings and links from other major
retailers such as:

Target.com, CDnow.com, Borders.com, & Waldenbooks.com.

(27) (27) (27) (27)

Use testimonials as a linking strategy.

These are testimonials that you provide to webmasters
of high traffic, high page rank websites.

Give genuine testimonials of appreciation for tools or
resources of a particular website.

When you send the webmaster the testimonial, give
permission to quote you using your FULL NAME and
specific city, state, and country.

Politely, request that a hyperlink back to your
website be included in the citation.

By the way, what Internet marketer has used this
technique the most?

By a wide margin I'd say it's Joe Vitale!

(28) (28) (28) (28)

Write a review of a high traffic website.

Contact the webmaster and offer the free use of your
review (in whole or in part) in return for a backlink.

Use keyword rich anchor text in your backlink.

(29) (29) (29) (29)

Develop niche website software where the user must
leave intact a small notice that links to your website.

LMA uses this concept. Over time Duncan Carver, the
originator of LMA, is likely to have hundreds of
thousands of websites linking to his chosen website or
sites through their use of LMA.

You must give this tactic some deep thought and try to
come up with suitable software that would be installed
on a user's website.

All you have to do is come up with the IDEA.

You can always go to an appropriate website and hire a
programmer to develop the software for you such as:


The return on investment could be huge!

Be sure to have a Confidentiality Agreement prepared,
that interested parties have to sign and return to you
before you reveal your software idea.


Make sense??

(30) (30) (30) (30)

Develop software that can be downloaded free from your
website, and have download websites list it and link
to it.



Also, post to forums, blogs, and newsgroups to alert
them to your free software and state anyone can link
to it.

As an alternative you may have the software resource,
exclusively to be used at your site (no download

By the way, do you think it would be a good idea to
make the linking text keyword rich?? (lol)

Remember to vary the suggested anchor text as you post
notices around the net. (SECRET #3)

(31) (31) (31) (31)

Be Interviewed!

Complete with backlinks to your site or sites, of

Use your imagination. Radio, TV, print media, ezines,
even an email interview.

(32) (32) (32) (32)

Join associations or trade groups within your
industry. Make sure their online sites have good page
rank and have backlinks to their members websites.

(33) (33) (33) (33)

B2B websites should have contract language that
specifically requires a backlink in pages that have
already been indexed by search engines. This contract
language should apply to all:

suppliers or vendors
resellers or affiliates

(34) (34) (34) (34)

Host a Top Site

You will need a cgi program
"Top Sites" are a ranking system. Websites that sign
up with your "Top Site" are given a text link or
button with their id, and they post this link to you
on their site.

The more visitors the website sends to you, the higher
it ranks. You know which sites send traffic due to the
cgi script and the imbedded id.

A source for scripts:


(35) (35) (35) (35)

Host a web ring.

All the links on every Web ring banner point to your
site and redirect to member sites.

You will need a script to host your web ring, and a
source is:

(36) (36) (36) (36)

Use paid link text advertising.

Placing paid text link ads on high traffic websites
that have a theme directly related to your website is
a powerful strategy when used in combination with the
above link building strategies.

Below are two good sources that have two different
processes for you to achieve this goal:

Text link ads through an
auction process.

Direct placement of text link ads.

Trade One-Way Text Link Ads that are Relevant and Human Edited.


(37) (37) (37) (37)

Get backlinks from these 100 top rated websites:


As part of your link popularity strategy you should
make it a goal to get an incoming link from at least
several of the sites listed in the 100 top websites.

Devise a strategy so that something you produce, an
article, press release, etc., is picked up and linked
to by one of these highly rated sites.

You can always benefit from news or media backlinks,
but otherwise seek backlinks from theme related

Knowledge that you gain from an authoritative source
such as Publicity Pro Newsletter (see SECRET #21)
should help you get backlinks from these high profile


(38-44) Reciprocal Links

(38) (38) (38) (38)

Use existing link partners and online ezine archives
as sources for reciprocal links.

Search the resource pages and link directories of
sites that already link to you. Seek links with high
quality websites that would offer significant
value to your website visitors.

Do AD SWAPS with ezines that have an online archive of
past issues. Naturally, in your ad you will have an url
leading to your own site.

Of course your ad will include anchor text rich in
appropriate keywords!

(39) (39) (39) (39)

Find quality websites with this reciprocal link


Take this step once you have installed LMA and are
ready to request reciprocal links.

If you have other link management software in place,
fine, but you should have a defined procedure for
adding and maintaining links.
This exchange, originates from Ken Evoy of
SiteSell.com, so you know it is a highly valuable
asset. A good place for QUALITY reciprocal links.

Also, take advantage and download the free ebook, Make
Your Links Work, while you are on this site.

(40) (40) (40) (40)

Sign up with these 4 additional link exchange programs:

First a point of clarification:

Your primary goal in using these exchanges is to find
useful and valuable info and resources for your
website visitors. A by-product of your listing
valuable websites is increased link popularity.


Valuable directory of quality websites that trade
reciprocal links with other sites.

Join this human-compiled directory. Your referring
page will need to have a page rank of 5 since that
is the minimum required by this exchange.

This is a free-to-join coop advertising network.

You exchange text links within this network on regular
web pages not inside link directories.

Highly recommended!


This program emails willing reciprocal link partners
to your inbox.

Taking advantage of these programs should be a very
productive use of your time, because the other program
members have joined with the specific intent of
developing reciprocal links.

Be selective!

Approve links to quality sites that have a similar
theme to yours or offer goods or services you know
your website visitors would be interested in.

(41) (41) (41) (41)

I'll be the first to confess that I was on the
Internet for five years before I knew that there was
such a thing as The Google Directory?!?

You can use this directory to find websites with a
high page rank and request reciprocal links with
appropriate sites.

Check out the Google directory at:


If you locate the category or theme of the websites
you want to target, they will be listed with the
highest Page Rank (PR) websites at the top of the list.

Most of the sites near the top of the list will be
PR4, PR5 or higher. These are the websites to target
as priorities for reciprocal links.

(42) (42) (42) (42)

Obtain reciprocal links from web
(A)Determine which websites are your main competitors.
Make up a list.

(B)Sign up with Google alerts to determine who is
linking to your competitors.


Enter link:
For "how often" choose once a day.

Be aware that you can use multiple queries and keep
tabs on multiple competitors.

This is easily done by adding an "OR". For example:

link:www.xyz.com OR link:www.abc.com OR

(C)Request a reciprocal link from suitable sites that
link to your competitors.

These requests should have a HIGH SUCCESS RATE since
you know for sure the target sites are actively adding links.

(43) (43) (43) (43)

Find theme related websites that offer reciprocal


Your search inquiry should look like this:

"Submit a link" + "Your keyword goes here"

So a request for websites based on the keyword
phrase "link building" would look like this:

"Submit a link" + "link building" Be sure to include the quotes.

You can use other phrases instead of "submit your
link" including:

"add your site"

"submit a url"

"add a url"

"add a link"

This is a sound technique to use for niche or mini
sites, because it can be very hard to get search
engine traffic for a mini site.

Add the link to your site first, then invite the
reciprocal link.

(44) (44) (44) (44)

Exchange teaser articles with other webmasters.

What's that??

A teaser article is one that has been cut short, and
the reader has to go to another location, like your
website, to finish reading the article.
If you get a few teaser articles on high traffic, high
PR websites, you will get two huge benefits:

free targeted traffic

improved link popularity

I don't have to lecture you about how much more
valuable TARGETED traffic is than random website
traffic. Obviously, you want to tease an article of
yours that is relevant to your website content.

You should tease both articles in the exchange.

By tease I mean deciding where the cut off point
should be. In other words do all the work and present
a completely done package to the other webmaster.

Of course, you will have keyword rich anchor texts for
both links (yours and the other webmasters links) as
part of the package. And you will explain the value of
keyword rich anchor text to your reciprocal partner.

Lastly, make the links open in a new window.

Tease outstanding articles and you will definitely see
positive results with this technique.

Final Thoughts

Implementing all these secrets will take a long time
and considerable effort.

Therefore, break the overall task down into several
small manageable steps (MINI-GOALS) that you can meet

The time management resource detailed in SECRET #11 is
a powerful force that you can apply to maximize the
tremendous impact you should get from following these
link building strategies.


Best of success!


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