Team Up With

Team Up With Someone With Complementary Skills
Or Assets

Master the application of this concept, and it will be impossible to fail with most MLM opportunities.




That souds like hype!!

Well, the fact is that if you master the application of this concept, you will have a marketing approach to your MLM business that has no weaknesses!!

In order to build a large and successful network marketing business and make some serious money you should sit down and make a list of your personal strengths in one column and your weaknesses in another column.

Include in your weaknesses things you do not like to do (maybe, like get on the phone) and things you don't have much of (like time or money).

Include in your strengths things you like to do (like write) and assets you have plenty of (could be friends and family or time and money, etc.)

Your goal should be to team up with someone whose assets and strengths make up for your weaknesses. Make sense?

If you are very busy and don't have much time to devote to MLM marketing efforts, team up with someone who has lots of time. It could be with someone you already know, or let your sponsor know what type of person you want to team up with.

If you have a large circle of friends and family but don't think you're good at "explaining things" or hate to get on the phone, find a partner who is a skilled telephone marketer. You can do a 3-way call where your partner presents the opportunity to your prospects.

Remember though, no selling! You do sifting & sorting to find motivated people.

If you are broke and the rent is overdue and the baby needs a new pair of shoes, team up with someone who is financially secure who could provide advertising dollars or cover the costs of business cards or promotional flyers.

You could find someone financially secure, sign them up under you with the understanding that they would pay for you and themselves to participate in an advertising co-op for your MLM opportunity.

You should always carry business cards with you that have your sign-up URL for one of the lead capture pages that build your opt-in lists so that you can do some split-second recruiting with people you run into in the normal everyday course of your activities.

Internet business cards should be part of your "split-second recruiting" technique, and you can distribute the business cards of anyone you team up with who is in your downline.

If he/she is successful in building a gigantic network, all of those people will also be in your network!!

So, carry carry the business cards of your partner, also.

Use a redirection url from WebAlias or use a domain name you bought on your business cards.


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As a team member you must have knowledge to contribute.

Exactly what does that mean?

It means you must study and master the techniques that have been recommended on this training website.

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