No Selling

Selling vs.
Sifting & Sorting

The most productive members of your downline will be those you do not have to sell on the opportunity with multiple sources of income.

Avoid selling!!

Instead, what you want to do in your quest to build a downline is sifting & sorting

You want to sift & sort through numerous prospects to find people who definitely are interested in making a ton of money!

You want motivated downline members. Members who have some kind of specific goal (new car, new home, college tuition for the kids, etc.)

You want members who still have dreams.

. . .where the flame has not died out.

If you do a lot of hard selling to sign people up, you will find numerous downline members who will be totally unproductive, and you will waste a lot of time and effort trying to help those people.

Save yourself a lot of aggravation: Sift & sort!

Don't sell.

Your recruitment efforts should be structured as interviews, where you are trying to find qualified people to join your team.

Refer to How To Build A 35,000 Member Downline In 27 Weeks ebook regarding the team effort.

Very Powerful Resource

When you are talking with someone about this opportunity, interview them to see if they qualify for the opportunity.

Read closely and print out the following two training articles:

(1)"How to Make People Beg You For Your Business Presentation"

This is a key concept. Click here now.

(2)"Do You Qualify??"

Master the interview technique.

This page lays out in specific detail what shape your interview should take.

Take notice of the 3 steps you ask the prospect to take. (He/she must take these in order to qualify for your team.

Remember, your first short-term goal is to recruit three new members and only three so be selective. Be sure to convey to those you are trying to recruit that you are only going to accept three people in the first three weeks.

No selling!

Write your goals down and post them in a place where you will see them everyday. (Very important and beneficial)

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