Lead Capture Pages

Lead Capture Pages For your network marketing Prospects

The first and most fundamental lesson to be learned is never to send prospects directly to your mlm corporate website.

Instead direct them through your automated lead capture page that is hooked up to an autoresponder. The autoresponder will have a series of sales messages.

Using the lead capture system yields 3 major advantages:

  1. Capture of the prospects name and email address

  2. Multiple chances to successfully close the prospect

  3. The prospect experiences your automated recruitng system

Here are three major resources to create lead capture pages:

(1)Free Lead Capture Software

Here is a link for free software so you can set up your own lead capture pages:

Lead Capture Software

Within the lead capture page is a sign up form created by your autoresponder. Here is a link to the best free autoresponder available that has no ads.

Free Autoresponder

A page has been set up with complete step by step instructions on how to set up your FreeAutobot account.

Promoting Your MLM With Freeautobot Autoresponder

(2)Complete Set Of Marketing Tools

For a monthly fee you will get an extraordinary collection of valuable marketing tools to promote MLM opportunities.

Listed below are just the tools that are of particular value with network marketing businesses:

  1. Over 25 different lead capture pages

  2. 300 double opt in validated Leads per day!

  3. 8 yourdomain.com hosting accounts

  4. Free website templates

  5. Your own 3 seat conference room

  6. Unlimited autoresponder follow-up systems (Supersponders)

  7. Unlimited email accounts

  8. Daily online training conferences

  9. Your own point and click quicksite2go web builder

  10. Ebooks library

This collection of tools is so valuable that thousands of individuals pay the monthly fee just to use the tools and do not even bother about the website.

Powerful tools to promote your MLM business!

Webmaster note:[This is the website host that I personally use for my main website, and these are the tools I use on a regular basis. The unlimited autoresponders are a tremendous value.

The daily live online training teaching how to best use these tools is extraordinarily good. I have a Platinum level of hosting, but a Silver level is sufficient to get most of the tools you need - Robert A. Kearse]

Sample Lead Capture Page

Click the link below and it will take you to a lead capture page set up from the choices detailed above by Kiosk.

This page has been customized to appeal to network marketers and to relate to the main theme of the messages on autoresponder.

This form is not currently active.

Build Your Downline With Lead Capture Pages.

A sample autoresponder was set up so those completing the above form will not go into an active data base that is being marketed to.

Here is an additional lead capture page set up for personal contacts:

Personal Contacts Lead Capture

Set Up Your Own Autoresponder

(3)Lead Capture Pages Via Free Website

This third alternative involves creating your own lead capture pages using a free website that you sign up for at Freewebs.com.

Here is a sample lead capture page set up on the free web site:

LeadCapture page

For complete step by step instructions on how to create your own lead capture page that targets one of the 8 Best Prospects groups go to the:

Free Web Site page.

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