Free Web Site

Use your free web site to create multiple lead capture pages to promote your MLM opportunity.

Step by step instructions for your free web site:

  1. Click this link for a Free Web Site

    For the first 7 days this account is provisional, which means you can't use a form such as generated by an autoresponder on any web page.

    Therefore we will start out using an email address.

  2. Fill in the form.

  3. Choose the Easy Site Builder Mode

  4. Choose a website title that is generic and can relate to any of the prospect groups (such as Opportunity Knocks!)

    This is so you can add as many pages (that don't show up in the Navigation bar) as you want to target the different groups of prospects.

  5. Leave the Site Slogan empty

  6. Select a color and template for your website

  7. Look for Your website address is: and click on the url to see what your site looks like at this stage. The next steps will cover how to customize the site.

  8. Click on build & edit

  9. Edit Home Page

  10. Uncheck List Page In NavBar

  11. Click NewParagraph to edit page.

  12. For Paragraph type choose Raw HTML Paragraph

  13. Enter your advertising title in the top box. Use
    <font size="+2"> and </font> to open and close title. Click Done at top, far right.

  14. Click Edit above the title you just entered.

  15. To use the HTML editor go to Paragraph type and click Paragraph editor.

  16. Enter your brief lines of text and customize with HTML editor.

  17. Add this line:

    For more vital information Click here.

    See the next step for exactly how to add the preceding line.

    Advanced Email Link Generator with Anti-Spam Encoder

  18. Encode your autoresponder email address.

    If you don't do this, spam bots that rove the entire Internet will harvest your email address, and you will end up getting tons of spam email messages to your autoresponder address that are not legit requests for info.

  19. Go to this url:

    Encode your emaill address

  20. Follow the steps. No CC or BCC. Click on Click here from this lead capture page to see how best to complete form:

    Lead Capture page

  21. Copy and paste Generated HTML Link from the form onto your free web site page as indicated in Step 17.

  22. Click Done at top, far right.

  23. Click yellow Done button at top, right corner of page. Your web page is finalized and published to the Internet!


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