Do You Qualify?

Do You Qualify??

Interview Your Prospects

Master this technique to interview your prospects rather than "sell" them.

To fully understand the importance of the technique in this training article you first must read the training article by Hilton Johnson, "How to Make People Beg You for Your Business Presentation".

Very powerful concept. Click here.

OK, now that you understand Hilton Johnson's vital concept here is a valuable technique to apply that knowledge.

The Face-to-face Interview:

Mr. Prospect, we are part of a team that is having considerable success with a business opportunity.

We're looking for people who qualify to join our team.

We understand that there are 3 keys to success in this venture.

They are:




We're specifically looking for motivated people.

People who have specific goals.

People who still have dreams, because you know with some people the flames have died out. They're comfortable and stuck in a rut.

So, I wanted to ask you what specific financial goals do you have? Any special dreams??

Shut up! Listen! And take notes!

Print out a supply of Prospect Data Forms and use to record prospect responses.

Prospect Data form

When you explain the earning potential in your MLM opportunity, you will repeat back to the prospect these same goals and dreams.

Naturally with an emphasis on your MLM
opportunity being the perfect vehicle to realize his/her dreams.


Give an honest evaluation of your impression concerning the strength (intensity) of the prospects dream.

If you judge there is no fire there, simply say you do not think the person qualifies and end the interview.

If the prospect objects, then you at least have assurance that he/she is trying to qualify for your opportunity.

No selling required.

If you are happy with the prospects level of motivation, proceed to the next step.

Mr. prospect, I like your level of motivation.

Let me ask you, how well do you follow directions??


I'm asking because I mentioned earlier that one of the keys to success is knowledge.

We provide the knowledge in the form of a very strong training component, but you have to be able to follow directions.

See, we're not looking for people who want to re-invent the wheel.

Some people have a very big ego and tend not to follow directions very well. They want to re-invent the wheel.

So, ego maniacs don't make a good fit for the system we have set up.

So, do you qualify in terms of your ability to follow directions well??

If at some point you qualify, I will direct you to the free training website, where you can gain an extraordinary strong foundation of skills and knowledge that wil last and benefit you for a lifetime.

[Webmaster note:Retain your power and make it clear the prospect has to qualify to receive and benefit from additional information such as the info on this training website.]

We would like to help you realize those financial dreams you mentioned such as. . . .

But for you to be successful you need to have discipline!

Some people just don't have any discipline. They don't have it.

Some important features have been designed into our system to help with discipline and being productive on a regular basis, but in all honesty most of the discipline has to come from you.

It has to come from within.

How much discipline do you have when someone is not looking over you shoulder??


Good (Not so good). You have (don't seem to have) the necessary discipline to do well on the Internet.

After the prospect has convinced you that he/she qualifies, take no more than 10 minutes to explain your MLM opportunity.

Start with the product. Mention the cost as a retail customer versus the cost as a distributor.

Mention the maximum earning power of the pay plan.

Specify that you have a concrete and specific plan to reach the maximum payout through the How To Build A 35,000 Member Downline In 27 Weeks ebook. Last step:

Put the prospect through your automated lead capture system.

Emphasize that he/she will be trained to have a system that duplicates yours.

Inform the prospect that your automated system will contain the same information that you are telling him orally.

Mr. Prospect, I/we have taken the time to outline this opportunity to you, and I/we ask you to take 3 simple steps in return.

We've found that some people have the discipline to take these steps and some don't.

We'll see if you qualify.


View the flash movie that's online, Brilliant Compensation.

It's a tremendously valuable explanation of network marketing that will expand your knowledge base and give benefits to you that will last a lifetime.

Here is the link.

Click on the link for Watch Brilliant Compensation.


Vist our site at. . . .

You can sample part of our automated marketing system that minimizes any obligation on your part to sell, sell, sell.


Read the 30 page ebook, How To Build A 35,000 Member Downline In 27 Weeks to learn the precise plan we want to use to build a huge, stable downline.

My personal long-term goal is to reach themaximum payout of . . . . under the pay plan.

Visit this site to download this profound ebook. You can also read this online. After clicking the download link, click "Run".

Once you have done all three things call me at . . . . . if you still feel that you qualify.

(The interview is over!)

No selling required!

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