Best Prospects

Who are the best
prospects to recruit
for your MLM opportunity??

Here's a list:

  1. Network Marketers

  2. Work At Home Moms

  3. End Users

  4. Self-contained Communities

  5. Extended Families

  6. Internet Marketers

  7. Opportunity Seekers--Direct Mail

  8. Personal Contacts

The sections below list the best sources to locate prospects in each category.

(1)Network Marketers

An obvious choice. You will rarely have to deal with the negative perceptions of multi level marketing that are in the minds of some of the public.

Less training required!

You may encounter someone with a sizeable existing downline!

You can reach network marketers through existing network marketing forums. Below is a list of 12 such forums,

Before you visit any of them you need to download and read the ebook, Forum SuperTips.

This is must reading!

Very powerful knowledge!

MLM Ezine Subscriptions

Simply enter "mlm" or "network marketing" in the search box of the two directories above.

Very important to sample mlm ezines where you will be advertising.

(2)Work At Home Moms

This group should have strong motivation.

Before you visit any of them you need to download and read the ebook, Forum SuperTips.

Here is a list of relevant forums:

(3)End Users

Approaching End Users:

Treat This Like A Sales Call

Unlike the approach detailed in Do You Qualify? the presentaion to end users should be like a standard sales presentation.

Start by asking questions.

Before you explain what being a distributor means ask these questions??

Have you heard of Capital One credit cards??

How about Ditech mortgage lenders??

Both these companies have spent tens of millions of dollars on an advertising campaign to build their businesses.

My MLM company decided to market its product through a network marketing structure and pay those tens of millions of dollars to distributors like me who spread the word.

So you are not likely to see a massive media campain for my network marketing company.

The big advantage to this approach is it enables you to turn a significant expense into a profit center!

(4)Self-contained Communities

Two best examples:

  1. Colleges and Universities

  2. Members of business networks

Self-contained communities are good choices because of the word of mouth referral process. Good news will spread fast throught such communities.

Which colleges should we start with??

A state university??

Or a private university like Harvard or Stanford??

Go where the money is!

It's relatively very cheap to run ads in college newspapers.

Use this as an advertising headline:

How college students can make more money part-time than their professors do full-time.

Business Networks

Click on Networking from the top menu for the AdLand Pro Community.

This is theRyze home page, but ask your sponsor to give you an invitation to the network.

(5)Extended Families

The nature of this group is families that have established a family tree and use sites like:

    The reason you want to target families like this is that it is very likely that a strong referral network exists within the family.

    Free Genealogy Newsletters

    Click the subscribe link and look for the above title at the very bottom of the page and subscribe to all three ezines.


    Set up folders and filters in your email account so that issues will go automatically into the appropriate folder.

    You want to become familiar with these ezines because you want to know the best place to run future ads.

    (6)Internet Marketers

    Go here for a directory listing of major Internet marketing forums:


    Index of Discussion Forums for Entrepreneurs

    This site has a list of the major forums dedicated to different categories from internet marketing to general business. Discussion forums are a major marketing and learning technique that you should use/master on a regular basis.

    Internet Marketing Forum Research

    Track topics of interest and headlines from over 65 of your favorite Internet marketing and search engine discussion forums and message boards, updated every 5 minutes.

    Track topics of interest for network marketers, and then make helpful, relevant posts.

    Use your signature file to promote your lead capture page.

    (7)Opportunity Seekers:
    Direct Mail

    All About Lists, Inc.
    23084 Sandalfoot Plaza Drive
    Boca Raton Fl 33428

    RJ Persson Enterprises, Inc.
    P.O. Box 2069
    Montrose, CO 81402-2069, USA

    P.O. Box 26418 - G475
    Tamarac, FL. 33320

    All About Lists, Inc.
    4949 So. Congress Ave. Ste B-2
    Lake Worth FL 33461

    Action Team Network
    Attn: J. Kirkman
    102 Arrowhead Dr.
    Guyton, Ga 31312-3575

    Follow these steps immediately.

    Write to above list brokers giving your full name and address. Code your address with a Dept. A or the like designation in order to track which companies are most productive. Use a different department for each list broker.

    Specifically state you want information on direct mailing lists for opportunity seekers and/or network marketers.

    3 things will happen:

    -1-You will receive information from the list brokers on their direct mail lists.

    -2-The list brokers will add you to their lists of opportunity seekers that they distribute to clients.

    -3-You will start to receive direct mail solicitations from other opportunity seekers/network marketers.

    Your next step:

    You will do some reverse marketing to whomever sends you direct mail solicitations.

    Make sure you give them a choice of how to respond to your direct mail piece:

    • Calling you by phone

    • Going to your lead capture page on the Internet

    Refer to the training article The Choice between Yes and Yes:A Psychological Revelation

    Aside from the cost of mailing to the list brokers this procedure will provide you with a source of free leads.

    Complete information on Lead Capture pages for the Internet and Autoresponder use can be found through these links.

    (8)Personal Contacts

    Personal contacts are often referred to as your warm market.

    There is an extraordinary free resource available concerning the best course of action with personal contacts.

    The PassionFire 7 Day Power Recruiting e-course will come to you as a bonus when you sign up for the PassionFire Heat Newsletter.

    Sign up here.

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