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FREE Ad Tracking:

Ad Tracking is an essential step in successful marketing.

Free url tracking will enable you to tell precisely which
of your ads are working well and which need replacement.

Ad Tracking provides
these benefits:

A note of caution:

This webmaster has had to delete two quality free ad trackers from these listings, because they suddenly stopped working or disappeared.

That is the risk you run when you use free resources.

You must back up all files and urls used in your free ad trackers.

Users abuse free resources more than resources that they have to pay for, so there are more spam complaints and more free url trackers getting blocked via email.

Make it a top priority to upgrade to a paid ad tracker as soon as you can afford it.

Meanwhile, these resources listed are high quality free ad trackers that you can use with confidence.

Below are the best of the free ad trackers available on the Internet.


Unlimited Ad trackers.

This is a free script that you can download.

Unlimited ad trackers.

Small ad banner at bottom of screen.


This ad tracker is listed, because it offers the best value for the money of all online paid ad trackers.

This webmaster pays $4.95 (US) per month for an easy to use complete ad tracking system.

Free ad tracking with ClixTrac is very limited.

  • Each free ad tracker expires 7 days after it is created
  • All free trackers are limited to 100 clicks each
  • Free ad trackers that track banners have a limit of 500 impressions each

These restrictions on free ad trackers were put into place after excessive spam by free ad tracker users.

The other choices listed are definitely superior for free ad tracking.

Great value for a paid ad tracker

(3)Profit Rally

Unlimited Ad Trackers

Free ad tracking is just one of many free tools and resources at Profit Rally.

You can customize your ad tracker and avoid having to create multiple ad trackers for the same advertising campaign.

Here are two sample Profit Rally ad trackers as an example:



The end tag in red (that YOU ad) designates where you used that particular ad tracker.

In this case:



In addition you may use the cloaking feature in your ad tracker.

There is a useful ?Show Help for this page button in each section that is very useful.

Free ad tracking with multiple valuable features.

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