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Volume 9, Issue 16
August 6, 2008

THE TAX TORPEDO <BR> Work At Home Newsletter
Work At Home Newsletter
"The FREE stuff that works! Not the free junk."

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Volume 9, Issue 16
August 6, 2008


In this issue:

How To Make A Six-Figure Income Online Working Only Three Hours Per Day

Instant MLM Squeeze Pages

How To Get Major National Publicity

Viral Money List

Comment Kahuna - New Upgrade

5 Costly Viral Ebook Mistakes

The Long-term Benefit Of Offering Valuable Free
Products And Services To Your Contact Lists

I Heard It Through The Grapevine


Hi ~~NAME~~:

As I'm finishing up this issue, I'm listening to Stan Getz play a tune called Bronx Blues on a recording on the Verve label from 1958.

I can relate to this tune, because I love the blues, because I lived in the Bronx for 13 years (3 short blocks from Yankee Stadium), and because I remember seeing Stan perform at The Bird House (now extinct) in Chicago in 1961 or '62.

Anyway, I feel good, without a care in the world.

I'm excited by some of the extraordinary resources in this issue.

One opportunity offered by Jimmy D. Brown will likey result in your thanking me for the rest of your life, if you are able to take advantage of it.

In addition, there is a powerful network marketing resource in this issue.

The earning potential in MLM is so strong because of the tremendous leverage available where you can multiply yourself thousands of times over.

That's all I'm going to say, but see below, because if you are in to network marketing, I can guarantee you will benefit in a big way from the program offered.

As usual I have other goodies you should check out.

Got to run to the bank before it closes.

Enjoy the rest of this issue.

Robert A. Kearse, Editor
THE TAX TORPEDO Work At Home Newsletter


How To Make A
Six-Figure Income Online
Working Only Three
Hours Per Day

This is a newsletter dedicated to free tools and resources for work at home businesses.

But, every once in a while something comes along that is so special that I recommend it here even though there is a fee attached.

My experience with Jimmy D. Brown goes back about eight years.

I have bought seven products or services from Jimmy and I must say that six of them were extraordinarily good. The other one was merely very good.

Now, Jimmy D. Brown is offering a personalized coaching program that promises to bring you to the level of earning a six-figure income per year.

I have no doubt that Jimmy can deliver on this promise since I rate him as the #2 marketing guru on the entire Internet.

If you can afford the cost, snap this offer up since space is limited.

Highly recommended!


Instant MLM
Squeeze Pages

Wow. I'm excited!

I just joined a brilliantly designed promotional program that works with any MLM opportunity you are currently involved with.

It cost me $1 (US) for a 30-day trial period, and if I like it, $19.95 per month afterward.

I figure I have nothing to lose since I am going to use it to promote the network marketing program I am currently involved in.

Instant MLM Squeeze Pages will either pay for itself with members joining my MLM opportunity or I won't continue it beyond 30 days.

There are four valuable PDF ebooks that you can brand with your own name and your current MLM program. It's done by filling in a few forms in the membership area.

Presto! The free ebooks are ready for download and promotion.

Total time elapsed to personalize all four ebooks - about 10 minutes!

I could go on, but see for yourself. All you risk is $1, but the returns can be monumental.


How To Get Major
National Publicity

What's the biggest secret for getting major national publicity for your book, message, Internet product or service?

If you watch this free video, Steve Harrison will reveal the answer.

OK! If you need to know instantly, here it is:

Put yourself in the position to meet the media in person.

This may not seem like profound knowledge, but wait till you hear Steve elaborate on this theme.

Steve is offering this video to promote a conference he sponsors in New York City each year, but you can gain some very valuable knowledge just from carefully watching this freebie.



Work and love--these are the
basics. Without them there is neurosis.

Theodor Reik



Viral Money List

The reason you see soooo many list building programs offered across the Internet is because having an opt-in list that you can communicate with is one of those core essentials that constitute a solid foundation for profitable Internet marketing.

Free resources offered to members include this PDF ebook available to download:

Free Viral Marketing Resources eBook Vol 1

There is also available an opportunity for free banner and text ads within the members area.

These type of situations are great for testing your headlines and and text ads to see which get the most clicks. Be sure to use an ad tracker.


Comment Kahuna -
New Upgrade

I had a lot of trouble on my computer with the download link for the latest upgrade to Comment Kahuna.

Therefore just go to the above link, follow the process, and make sure you have the latest upgrade.

This is a marketing tool every blogger should have in their Internet marketing arsenal.


5 Costly Viral
Ebook Mistakes

This is a link to an article by Jimmy D. Brown. It's very important to understand the concepts and techniques he discusses, because viral marketing is so powerful.

The 5 mistakes he explains are:
  1. Never use any link inside the content that you canít control

  2. Avoid using dated information by providing too specific details

  3. Never put any information into your ebook that you donít want all over the world

  4. Always have your carriers do the branding

  5. Always launch new browser windows with your links in your ebooks

Jimmy gives you the reasons why you should observe these rules as well as examples of what has gone wrong when they weren't observed.


The Long-term Benefit
Of Offering Valuable Free
Products And Services
To Your Contact Lists -

Here is the #1 concept that drives the Internet as far as individual success goes:

A high level of credibility has a monetary value!

You can build your credibility by offering to your contact lists on a regular basis information that solves a problem or fulfills a need.

When that information is in the form of free products or services, your email messages are virtually certain to be opened and read by a high percentage of your contacts.

Periodically, slip in a commercial message, (monetize your

If you have multiple lists, you will have some kind of commercial messages going out on a regular basis.

Give Away FREE Tools
And Resources To Build
Your Opt-in Lists!

You can construct a unique combination of free incentives to join your opt-in lists.

The archives of THE TAX TORPEDO Work At Home Newsletter collectively contain hundreds of quality free programs, products and services that you can combine into very enticing offers.

I have completed posting online past issues since January, 2004 (volume 5, Issue 1).

Simply, go through past issues and construct your unique combination of incentives.

Act now!


I Heard It
Through The Grapevine

Idiot Sightings


I was signing the receipt for my credit card purchase when the clerk noticed I had never signed my name on the back of the credit card. She informed me that she could not complete the transaction unless the card was signed.

When I asked why, she explained that it was necessary to compare the signature I had just signed on the receipt. So I signed the credit card in front of her.

She carefully compared the signature to the one I had just signed on the receipt. As luck would have it, they matched.


I live in a semi rural area. We recently had a new neighbor call the local township administrative office to request the removal of the Deer Crossing sign on our road.

The reason: too many deer were being hit by cars and he didn't want them to cross there anymore.


The stoplight on the corner buzzes when it's safe to cross the street. I was crossing with a coworker of mine when she asked if I knew what the buzzer was for. I explained that it signals blind people when the light is red.

Appalled, she responded, "What on earth are blind people doing driving?!"


At a good-bye luncheon for an old and dear coworker who was leaving the company due to "down sizing," our manager commented cheerfully, "This is fun. We should do this more often."

Not a word was spoken. We all just looked at each other with that deer-in-the-headlights stare.


Legal Stuff...

We accept no responsibility whatsoever for the content, profitability or legality of any published articles or advertisements contained within THE TAX TORPEDO Work At Home Newsletter.

And, although all of the articles have been selected for their content, the publishing of such articles within this newsletter does NOT constitute a recommendation of the products or services mentioned or advertised within those articles.

Be responsible! Always do your own Due Diligence before responding to any offer.

Let's all get rich on the Internet!
Robert A. Kearse, Editor
THE TAX TORPEDO Work At Home Newsletter
5715 Will Clayton Pkwy #2510
Humble Texas 77338, USA

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