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Volume 9, Issue 15
July 23, 2008

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Work At Home Newsletter
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Volume 9, Issue 15
July 23, 2008


In this issue:

Social Networking Sites As A Profit Center

Valuable Link Popularity Resources

The Power Of Web2.0 Marketing

Google Keyword Tool Revised

Free Redirection Tool

Get Free Traffic. . . .Using Google News

The Long-term Benefit Of Offering Valuable Free
Products And Services To Your Contact Lists

I Heard It Through The Grapevine


Hi ~~NAME~~:

I got some exciting info in this issue. My computer is giving me some problems where all the key strokes are not registering, so I can't type the news fast enough!

I just joined the social networking site, Zenzuu, which has a powerful income opportunity built into it.

Be sure to check it out.

Meanwhle, I've got valuable info on building backlinks. Don't miss it and don't miss the powerful Google resources.

Got to run. These keys are not working right.

Enjoy the rest of this issue.

Robert A. Kearse, Editor
THE TAX TORPEDO Work At Home Newsletter


Social Networking Sites
As A Profit Center

We all know how powerful social networking sites like Myspace and Facebook have become.

Well, the owners of those sites are keeping all the profits for themselves.

That antiquated profit structure has provided an opportunity for a new type of social networking site, Zenzuu, that has a network marketing structure and shares 80% of its ad revenue with members.

The more members you have in your downline, down through 19 levels, the more you earn.

There are no minimum sales requirements. To qualify for an earnings share you simply have to log into the membership site at least 30 times per month.

Do you think you can qualify??

You nodded yes?

Ok. Good.

You can sign up under the links above or below.

If you need more info on how the program works, click the I'm new to Zenzuu link in the top right corner of the page.

I will reveal a secret strategy for downline building through Myspace, which is very powerful, that I discovered last year to any one who signs up under me.

Simply send me an emai through the internal system once you have joined and logged in.

This is going to be big!

Very big!

Act now!

Highly recommended!


Valuable Link
Popularity Resources

One of the strongest traffic building strategies you can pursue is building backlinks (one way links).

These two sites should provide extremely valuable information and resources in that regard.

The first link leads to Directory Critic, which focuses on building backlinks through directories.

The second link connects to a blog, Building Backlinks, which has the most amazing variety of helpful backlink related posts.

Add both of these resources to your Internet marketing arsenal.


The Power Of
Web2.0 Marketing

This is another in a series of free teleseminars that Howie Schwartz has offered, and this one also focuses on marketing through Web2.0 sites.

Good insights into Squidoo, Twitter , and HubPages.

Howie, also, has an interesting and valuable comment on how the buying public views Web sites that rank high in Google.

This MP3 file can be downloaded for future reference and use. It won't be available online for long. Act now.



The masses of people lead lives of quiet
desperation, because they lack a sound plan
through which to accumulate a fortune.

Napoleon Hill



Google Keyword
Tool Revised

It's hard to believe, but Google has actually made it easier on Internet marketers to make a buck.

See my blog post for details.


Free Redirection Tool

Another valuable resource from Mark Hendricks. Right click to download. Save Target As.

The Redirector software wizard guides you through these five easy steps:

  1. Insert the title, keywords and description of the affiliate sales page

  2. Insert your affiliate link given to you by the affiliate program manager

  3. Press the button to create the redirect affiliate link file and save it to your computer

  4. Upload the redirect affiliate link file to your website

  5. Give out the URL address of your new affiliate link to your prospects in your emails, on your website, or in your blog

It's OK with Mark for you to give this away as a freebie or bonus to others (as a list building incentive).


Get Free Traffic. . . .
Using Google News

This is a video by Marcus Clayton, who has produced quality material in the past.

I have not had time to review this video, but I am intriqued by the concept of Google News giving me some free traffic.

Please, let me know positive or negative what you think of this video.


The Long-term Benefit
Of Offering Valuable Free
Products And Services
To Your Contact Lists -

Here is the #1 concept that drives the Internet as far as individual success goes:

A high level of credibility has a monetary value!

You can build your credibility by offering to your contact lists on a regular basis information that solves a problem or fulfills a need.

When that information is in the form of free products or services, your email messages are virtually certain to be opened and read by a high percentage of your contacts.

Periodically, slip in a commercial message, (monetize your

If you have multiple lists, you will have some kind of commercial messages going out on a regular basis.

Give Away FREE Tools
And Resources To Build
Your Opt-in Lists!

You can construct a unique combination of free incentives to join your opt-in lists.

The archives of THE TAX TORPEDO Work At Home Newsletter collectively contain hundreds of quality free programs, products and services that you can combine into very enticing offers.

I have completed posting online past issues since January, 2004 (volume 5, Issue 1).

Simply, go through past issues and construct your unique combination of incentives.

Act now!


I Heard It
Through The Grapevine

The Genie

A man and his very attractive wife are playing golf and its the wife's turn to hit. "Now honey, be careful, don't brake anything", he says to her. Carelessly the wife swings and breaks a neighbors window across the street.

They go over to apologize only to find a man sitting on his couch. They knock on the door and the man answers. "Hey sorry bout the wind-" the genie interrupts the man and says "hey its quite allright, by breaking that glass i am now free".

The couple is then puzzled.

"I'm a Genie, and for setting me free I am going to grant you guys 3 wishes". The couple then gets very excited and the husband takes the 1st one. "I want a house in every city".

"Boom done" says the genie. Now its the wife's turn.

"I want a new car and a big fur coat"

"Boom it will be there when you get home" goes the Genie.

"Well genie you been soo kind to us you can have the last wish" says the husband."

"Well, i was in that bottle for 150 yrs and... i never had u mind if i....with your wife....? "i guess u can if its alright with you honey". "Um... ok". Then the genie and the wife go upstairs and have sex for 2 hours.

After they get done the genie says " So how old is your husband?" The wife says "about 35" and the genie goes "and he still believes in Genies"???


Legal Stuff...

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And, although all of the articles have been selected for their content, the publishing of such articles within this newsletter does NOT constitute a recommendation of the products or services mentioned or advertised within those articles.

Be responsible! Always do your own Due Diligence before responding to any offer.

Let's all get rich on the Internet!
Robert A. Kearse, Editor
THE TAX TORPEDO Work At Home Newsletter
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