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Volume 9, Issue 12
June 11, 2008

THE TAX TORPEDO <BR> Work At Home Newsletter
Work At Home Newsletter
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Volume 9, Issue 12
June 11, 2008


In this issue:

Video Sales Letter Secrets

Social Media Press Releases

Page Rank Checker

Directory Submission Tool

XMailWrite Software Tool

Instant Messaging, Plus Social Networking, Plus . . . .

The Long-term Benefit Of Offering Valuable Free
Products And Services To Your Contact Lists

I Heard It Through The Grapevine


Hi ~~NAME~~:

I'm finishing up this issue, and for most of the last two hours I've been listening to a CD, Gladys Knight, Before Me on the Verve label.

I've fallen in love with one tune, I'll Be Seeing You, partly because it's got a beautiful trumpet solo by Chris Botti that interacts with Gladys' vocal in an intriquing way.

Anyway I must have replayed this tune a dozen times in the last hour!

I hope all of you out there can control your work environment like I can.

It's the bomb!

OK. On to this issue.

This issue contains info on secrets of a video sales letter. The message comes in the format of a MPs audio tape. Very valuable!

Don't miss the directory submission tool that will pay off in a strong backlink structure if you take advantage of it.

There's more goodies in this issue, but I've got to run!

Enjoy the rest of this issue.

Yesterday, as I was about to send out this issue I sent a test issue to myself at my Yahoo email account.

I discovered that Yahoo email suddenly was no longer recognizing the standard HTML code for paragraphs (P and /P in brackets). (Very annoying).

So instead of getting this issue out on time on June 11th, today I am revising the coding so that this issue can appear in Yahoo email with the proper formatting..

Robert A. Kearse, Editor
THE TAX TORPEDO Work At Home Newsletter


Video Sales
Letter Secrets

This is an MP3 audio file of an interview that the copywriter, David Garfinkel, did with Mike Stewart.

In the interview Mike reveals all the secrets of a successful video sales page, including the five essential elements.

I found the information to be very valuable, because I did not realize how powerful video sales letters can be, and how simple they are to produce.

Mike explains how to use Wordpress blogs in the whole process.

You can listen to this interview online or download the MP3 file for your own listening convenience.


Social Media
Press Releases

This tool, PRX Builder, allows you to write a social media press release.

PRX Builder is a simple wizard that walks you through each step. Write your content, insert links, add images and video; everything you need is right here.

It also takes advantage of the latest technologies in RSS so you can embed your press releases in your RSS feeds.

You can integrate this valuable tool into your Wordpress blog with a simple plug-in.

This resource can be the ultimate tool to create heavy traffic to your blog/Web site of choice.

You must add this tool to your Internet marketing arsenal.


Page Rank Checker

I used this handy resource to check the page rank of my main web site, and was shocked to discover that my page rank had slipped!


I have neglected to do any article marketing for the past couple of years related to this site, and I can see that it has hurt me.

Also, a steady practice of directory submissions (3-5 per day) will greatly benefit your page rank over the long term.

See the directory submission tool below in this issue.



People seldom become famous for
what they say until after they
are famous for what they've done.

Cullen Hightower



Directory Submission Tool

I never cease to be amazed at the endless supply of valuable free resources that I encounter on the Internet.

This resource is a combination of free directory submission tool and a list of over 2000 free web directories that will give you a one way text link with no reciprocal link required.

The ultimate goal is to build a very strong backlink structure that will result in top search engine placement with a heavy free traffic consequence.

Try to mainstain a schedule of 3-5 directory submissions per day.

When you combine this backlink build up with the backlinks from article submissions, you have a very powerful long-term strategy to achieve heavy sustained Web site or blog traffic.


XMailWrite Software Tool

This resource has several very beneficial features:

  1. Reformats your message to a set number of characters (e.g. 65)

  2. Tabbed interface makes it ideal for writing autoresponder series and article collections.

  3. Word count and density report makes writing articles a breeze.

  4. Real-time spell checker

The word count feature is very useful when writing blog/Web site descriptions that can't exceed a certain length.

I will use the reformat feature in each issue of my newsletter.

When you alert members of your opt-in lists to great tools such as this, it builds your credibility, which has a monetary value.


Instant Messaging, Plus
Social Networking, Plus. . .

Digsby represents the next stage in the evolution of the instant messenger.

This tool adds Web2.0 elements to the instant messenger.

For instance you can stay up to date with everything happening on your Facebook, Twitter, or MySpace accounts. You also enjoy the freedom to set Facebook and Twitter status right from the messenger.

The instant messenger has combined contacts list for all your AIM, MSN, Yahoo, ICQ, Google Talk, Jabber, and Facebook Chat Accounts. So you need to sign into one account instead of all the accounts. You can also send SMS messages.


The Long-term Benefit
Of Offering Valuable Free
Products And Services
To Your Contact Lists -

Here is the #1 concept that drives the Internet as far as individual success goes:

A high level of credibility has a monetary value!

You can build your credibility by offering to your contact lists on a regular basis information that solves a problem or fulfills a need.

When that information is in the form of free products or services, your email messages are virtually certain to be opened and read by a high percentage of your contacts.

Periodically, slip in a commercial message, (monetize your

If you have multiple lists, you will have some kind of commercial messages going out on a regular basis.

Give Away FREE Tools
And Resources To Build
Your Opt-in Lists!

You can construct a unique combination of free incentives to join your opt-in lists.

The archives of THE TAX TORPEDO Work At Home Newsletter collectively contain hundreds of quality free programs, products and services that you can combine into very enticing offers.

I have completed posting online past issues since January, 2004 (volume 5, Issue 1).

Simply, go through past issues and construct your unique combination of incentives.

Act now!


I Heard It
Through The Grapevine

The Eulogy

She married and had 13 children. Her husband died. She married again and had 7 more children. Again her husband died. But she remarried, and this time had 5 more children. Alas, she finally died.

Standing before her coffin the preacher prayed for her. He thanked the Lord for this very loving woman and said, "Lord, they're finally together."

One mourner leaned over and quietly asked her friend, "Do you think he means her first, second or third husband?'

The friend replied, "I think he means her legs."


Legal Stuff...

We accept no responsibility whatsoever for the content, profitability or legality of any published articles or advertisements contained within THE TAX TORPEDO Work At Home Newsletter.

And, although all of the articles have been selected for their content, the publishing of such articles within this newsletter does NOT constitute a recommendation of the products or services mentioned or advertised within those articles.

Be responsible! Always do your own Due Diligence before responding to any offer.

Let's all get rich on the Internet!
Robert A. Kearse, Editor
THE TAX TORPEDO Work At Home Newsletter
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Humble Texas 77338, USA

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