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Volume 9, Issue 11
May 28, 2008

THE TAX TORPEDO <BR> Work At Home Newsletter
Work At Home Newsletter
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Volume 9, Issue 11
May 28, 2008


In this issue:

100 Directories That Accept Deep Links To Internal Web Site Pages

Why You Must Have A Privacy Policy

Qassia: Unique Social Networking Site

Big Fat Giveaway Round 2

Wordpot: Free Keyword Tool

Wikipedia Article Traffic Statistics

The Long-term Benefit Of Offering Valuable Free
Products And Services To Your Contact Lists

I Heard It Through The Grapevine



As I'm finishing up this issue I am listening to some Count Basie.

I'm playing a CD on my computer and listening through headphones.

I'm thinking back to some of the times I saw Basie in person. I remember once at Carnigie Hall, when I had seats way up in the "nose bleed" section.

I recall focusing on Sonny Payne, the drummer. Sonny had a body accent for each beat on the drum, and he was a prime show all by himself!

OK. On to this issue.

I start this issue off with an easy way (though some discipline is required) to get valuable backlinks to your Web site or blog.

There's some vital info on Privacy Policies, plus a new valuable giveaway that should not be missed.

Got to run!

Enjoy the rest of this issue.

Robert A. Kearse, Editor
THE TAX TORPEDO Work At Home Newsletter


100 Directories That
Accept Deep Links To
Internal Web Site Pages

Most directories only accept links to your home, entry, or front page.

The ability to link to your internal pages provides you with another level of techniques to grow your backlinks and focus on important keywords and phrases.

Your internal pages should have a number of internal links with vital keywords in the anchor text. Most Web sites are sorely lacking in this internal type of linking strategy.

Submit to 3-5 of these directories per day, and focus on a particular page.

Combine this technique with article marketing. Insert links to the same page in your resource box.


Why You Must Have
A Privacy Policy

This is a link to a May 20, 2008 blog post on

If you currently use Google Adsense on any of your sites, you now must have a Privacy Policy displayed on your site.

The full details of what is required is explained in the post.

There is a link for Wordpress bloggers to download a Privacy Policy plug-in.

I used the plug-in on my blog, and it works great! I installed and published the Privacy Policy page in less than 5 minutes.

For other Web sites has generously permitted us to copy and use its blog's Privacy Policy.



Qassia: Unique
Social Networking Site

I don't know if the title adequately describes the nature of Qassia, but it has some valuable features I have seldom seen anywhere else.

  • Unique rewards for original content

  • Earn $$ through Google Adsense

  • Reviews/Evaluations of member contributions

  • Unlimited backlinks

  • Ability to build your credibility

Plus, the ability to network with like minded individuals is an invaluable resource.

I think being one of the early contributors to this community while it is still in Beta stage will pay immense dividends down the road.



Curiosity killed the cat, but
for a while I was a suspect.

Steven Wright



Big Fat Giveaway
Round 2

The idea behind this giveaway is to enable the Inernet public to make more money through more Web site traffic and easy access to the same marketing tools that the Internet superstars use.

There are tons of free products and services:

  • ebooks

  • scripts

  • memberships

I offer the usual encouragement to use these free resources to construct your own unique incentives to use for building your ezine and opt-in lists to a massive size.


Wordpot: Free
Keyword Tool

I have used this free keyword tool recently when I was not sure what to name a new category I was setting up on my blog.

I wanted to use the keyword term or phrase with the heaviest search demand, and this tool helped me determine that.

It showed the previous month's total searches for each keyword I entered.

My sugestion is set up a free account and test it out. Compare the results you get with this tool with other heyword research tools you are now using.


Wikipedia Article
Traffic Statistics

Check an article in Wikipedia. Check its rank in Google.

Let's say you find a Wikipedia article that its ranked #1 in Google.

Through this research tool you can get an idea of how many visitors you need to attract to be ranked #1 in Google for that particular keyword or phrase.

The importance of this tool checker is that we get an idea how popular a page has to be to be able to rank number one in the Google search page.

With that, we also get an idea how many visitors, more or less, that we need for our own sites (depending on our niche or popularity) to be number 1 in Google search.

It can be very valuable to know the stats on important keywords in Wikipedia and how they translate into rankings in Google search.


The Long-term Benefit
Of Offering Valuable Free
Products And Services
To Your Contact Lists -

Here is the #1 concept that drives
the Internet as far as individual success goes:

A high level of credibility has a
monetary value!

You can build your credibility by offering to your
contact lists on a regular basis information that
solves a problem or fulfills a need.

When that information is in the form of free
products or services, your email messages are
virtually certain to be opened and read by a
high percentage of your contacts.

Periodically, slip in a commercial
(monetize your

If you have multiple lists, you will have some
kind of commercial messages going out on a
regular basis.

Give Away FREE Tools
And Resources To Build
Your Opt-in Lists!

You can construct a unique combination
of free incentives to join your opt-in lists.

The archives of THE TAX TORPEDO Work
At Home Newsletter
collectively contain
hundreds of quality free programs, products and
services that you can combine into very enticing

I have completed posting online past issues
since January, 2004 (volume 5, Issue 1).

Simply, go through past issues and construct
your unique combination of

Act now!


I Heard It
Through The Grapevine

Digging Holes

A fellow stopped at a rural gas station and, after filling his tank, he paid the bill and bought a soft drink. As he stood by his car to drink his cola, he watched a couple of men working along the roadside.

One man would dig a hole two or three feet deep and then move on.

The other man came along behind and filled in the hole.

While one was digging a new hole, the other was about 25 feet behind filling in the old. The men worked right past the fellow with the soft drink and went on down the road.

"I can't stand this," said the man, tossing the can in a trash container and heading down the road toward the men.

"Hold it, hold it," he said to the men. "Can you tell me what's going on here with this digging?"

"Well, we work for the county," one of the men said.

"But one of you is digging a hole and the other fills it up. You're not accomplishing anything. Aren't you wasting the county's money?"

"You don't understand, mister," one of the men said, leaning on his shovel and wiping his brow.

"Normally there's three of us ... me, Rodney and Mike. I dig the hole, Rodney sticks in the tree and Mike here puts the dirt back.

Now just because Rodney's sick, that don't mean that Mike and me can't work."


Legal Stuff...

We accept no responsibility whatsoever
for the content, profitability or legality
of any published articles or advertisements
contained within THE TAX TORPEDO Work At
Home Newsletter.

And, although all of the articles have
been selected for their content, the
publishing of such articles within this
newsletter does NOT constitute a
recommendation of the products or
services mentioned or advertised
within those articles.

Be responsible! Always do your own
Due Diligence before responding to
any offer.

Let's all get rich on the Internet!
Robert A. Kearse, Editor
THE TAX TORPEDO Work At Home Newsletter
5715 Will Clayton Pkwy #2510
Humble Texas 77338, USA

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