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Volume 8, Issue 6
March 21, 2007

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Volume 8, Issue 6
March 21, 2007


In this issue:

Redirection Service That Pays You

Affiliate Funnel

How to Build A Niche Site With A Blog

The Resource Report

The Little Black Book

Hiring And Outsourcing "Secrets"

Excellent Source For Internet Business Loans??

Top 100 Alternative Search Engines

The Long-term Benefit Of Offering Valuable Free
Products And Services To Your Contact Lists

I Heard It Through The Grapevine



The last two issue have featured valuable info on blogs, and this issue continues that pattern.

Especially valuable is the article, How to Build A Niche Site With A Blog, which should start the cash flowing to your bank account.

Study the Affiliate Funnel.

Enough said.

One last point of emphasis. I think for the rest of 2007 you should make it a habit to submit niche sites and articles to at least 3 search engines/directories per day.

Chart where your business is now and chart it again at the end of 2007.

I think you will see dramatic improvements in your results.

Enjoy the rest of this issue.

Robert A. Kearse, Editor
THE TAX TORPEDO Work At Home Newsletter


Redirection Service
That Pays You

I use this tool in the article, Top 100 Alternative Search Engines, listed below, because the actual page url is very long.

When used, a "drop in" insert will appear, similar to a pop up, but the "drop in" can't be blocked by anti-pop up software, and it will use a lead capture format.

The resulting opt-in list will be emailed affiliate offers with your affiliate urls inserted.

It's kind of an effortless way to generate some income.

This resource should be included in your Internet marketing arsenal for sure.


Affiliate Funnel

You will gain a valuable lesson in marketing by signing up for this free program and studying its whole structure and various features:

  • the one time offer (OTO)

  • the multiple splash pages

  • difference in free and paid features

  • promotion of multiple affiliate programs

  • pricing structure

The paid version (silver, gold) of this program should be particularly valuable, because you can customize the affiliate programs displayed to suit the specifics of different marketing campaigns.

In addition you have contact priveleges with your downline members.


How To Build
A Niche Site With A Blog

by Linda J Bruton

Building niche sites is all the rage these days.

The basic strategy is very simple. Find a niche market that isn't oversaturated. Develop a list of related keywords people are searching on.

Then write an article optimized for each one of your keywords.

Once you have your articles, upload them to your site. Monitize your site with affiliate links and Adsense.

For this kind of niche site to be effective and make money, it is imperative that you get free traffic, and a lot of it. And that's exactly where a blog can be your best friend.

At its very simplest, a blog is just a structure. It's the bones of a web site. A blog is a simple way to publish and display your content online.

Most of us think of blogs as a chronicle of news events, or commentary on news and items of interest. Or personal diaries.

Few people stop to think that you can build any kind of website with a blog. In reality, a blog can be used very effectively to build a niche site. The fact of the matter is, a blog is the easiest way to publish your niche site content.

But the biggest reason to use a blog is that it can drive traffic to your site a lot faster than a statically-built site. A niche site built with a blog is a very powerful strategy.

First, choose your niche and research your keywords. Write your first article based on one of those keywords, just as you would when building a regular site. Then set up your blog and publish that article. Your niche site is now live.

To make your site structure the most effective, be sure to choose a blog that allows the use of Categories, such as Word Press or Moveable Type.

Use your 10 most important keywords as the name of your Categories. Then file all your secondary keyword articles under those Categories.

Why is this so important? If you keep building your site with keyword-rich articles, eventually you could have hundreds of pages. Each of those pages will have a link to your 10 Categories.

And each of those links will use the anchor text of your most important keywords.

As a result of all those internal keyword-rich links, your site will end up ranking very well in the search engines for your Category names.

Now it's time to set up your traffic strategy. This is where a blog can really shine. There are many special RSS/blog directories that are hungry for feeds.

By submitting your new blog to these directories, you can start getting traffic almost immediately.

Quite often these feeds will result in a lot more traffic than all the major search engines combined.

This is why it makes so much sense to build your niche site as a blog. You can have twice the traffic, and get it much faster than with a static site.

Here is a list of some of the top RSS/blog directories you should submit your site to:

Once you've submitted your site to the directories, you can get it indexed by Yahoo almost immediately by adding your RSS feed to your MyYahoo page.

If you don't have a MyYahoo page, just go to

Now click on the MyYahoo link at the top and set up your free account.

Once you have your account set up, click on Add Content, then add the URL of your blog RSS feed into the Find Content box.

When you go back to your MyYahoo page, your blog plus your first post should be shown. If you go look at your web stats for your site, you'll find that the Yahoo spider has already made a visit!

Your new site should be indexed in Yahoo in just a couple of days. This is a strategy that some marketers were selling for $50 just a few months ago. And it works like a charm.

Every time you add a post, you can alert the RSS/blog directories by "pinging" them. There is a wonderful site at Pingomatic that makes this very easy.

You just have to type in your blog URL and Pingomatic will send your ping to Yahoo and about 15 other large directories. That will bring the spiders back to your site almost immediately!

During the first month, I would suggest that you write and add a new article every day. Blogs that are frequently updated get the most traffic. And you'll find that the major search engines will spider your site every day.

At the end of a month, you'll have a 30-article niche site that is already getting a lot of traffic.

If you've monetized your site with Adsense and related affiliate programs, you should also be making money already.

Once you've started building your niche sites with a blog, you'll never go back to doing it the old way again!

About the author:
For more tips and ideas on how to make money blogging, be sure to visit Linda J Bruton's "Why Marketers Should Blog" weblog at (what else)



Everything that used to be
a sin is now a disease.

Bill Maher



The Resource Report

This is a vluable ebook from Mike Filsaime with a free download.

You should download it, and go through it resource by resource to discover tools that will benefit your particular situation.

Here is an interesting resource that I discoverd. Be sure to watch the marketing video, because it is very instructive concerning using videos in Internet marketing.

You can do for yourself what the site's services offer, but this video and Web text will open your eyes up to some powerful techniques.


The Little Black Book

This free ebook of resources came out shortly after The Resource Report from Mike Filsaime. I don't think it is a coincidence.

Probably the success of Mike's offer prompted Paul Galloway to produce his.

This resource is organized into functional categories. I found useful links in:

  1. Audio Transcript Service

  2. WordPress Tricks

  3. Copywriting Swipe Files

  4. Forum Monitoring

  5. Google Base

  6. And More. . . .

Highly recommended!


Hiring And Outsourcing "Secrets"

Right click to download. "Save Target As".

This whole concept of hiring and outsourcing assumes an adequate level of cash flow.

There is no question that outsourcing will increase your overall level of productivity. You can outsource search engine submission (see Top 100 Alternative Search Engines below) as well as article submission.

This ecellent resource by Matthew Glanfield provides solid instruction to keep you from making costly mistakes.


Excellent Source For
Internet Business Loans??

The online marketplace for people-to-people lending

You noticed, I'm sure, the questions marks attached to the title.

I'm not sure of the receptiveness for Internet based business loan proposals, but this alternative is definitely worth exploring.

I discovered this site recently and even explored the loan application process.

It is definitely best to "join a group" before you apply for a loan.

Best of success.


Top 100 Alternative
Search Engines

This is a list, compiled by Charles Knight, that is updated monthly. The results listed are as of February, 2007.

These search engines can provide some valuable backlinks, and I think you should set up a schedule where you submit to at least 3 engines per day.

If you combine the technique from the above article, How To Build A Niche Site With A Blog, with search engine backlinks and anchor text backlinks from article resource boxes, you will have a very powerful strategy.

From my perspective I wish the list indicated which of these search engines accept free submissions and which require paid submissions.


The Long-term Benefit
Of Offering Valuable Free
Products And Services
To Your Contact Lists -

Here is the #1 concept that drives
the Internet as far as individual success goes:

A high level of credibility has a
monetary value!

You can build your credibility by offering to your
contact lists on a regular basis information that
solves a problem or fulfills a need.

When that information is in the form of free
products or services, your email messages are
virtually certain to be opened and read by a
high percentage of your contacts.

Periodically, slip in a commercial
(monetize your

If you have multiple lists, you will have some
kind of commercial messages going out on a
regular basis.

Give Away FREE Tools
And Resources To Build
Your Opt-in Lists!

You can construct a unique combination
of free incentives to join your opt-in lists.

The archives of THE TAX TORPEDO Work
At Home Newsletter
collectively contain
hundreds of quality free programs, products and
services that you can combine into very enticing

I have completed posting online past issues
since January, 2004 (volume 5, Issue 1).

Simply, go through past issues and construct
your unique combination of

Act now!


I Heard It
Through The Grapevine

Mr. Phillard's Twins

One day, Mr. Phillard rushed his pregnant wife over to the hospital. As the doctors were prepping his wife, Mr. Phillard's idiot brother Bill arrived to watch the birth. But when Mr. Phillard saw the blood and everything else, he fainted. When Mr. Phillard woke up he was in a bed with the doctor standing above him.

"Mr. Phillard," the doctor said, "you are in the recovery room. Don't worry, your wife is fine and she had twins, a boy and a girl. Because you were unconscious and your wife was still under anaesthesia, she requested that your brother Bill name the kids."

"What! My brother, the idiot! I can't believe you let him! What did he name them?"

"He named your daughter Denise."

"Hey, not bad! I underestimated my brother. What did he name my son?"

"He named your son Denephew."


Legal Stuff...

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for the content, profitability or legality
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And, although all of the articles have
been selected for their content, the
publishing of such articles within this
newsletter does NOT constitute a
recommendation of the products or
services mentioned or advertised
within those articles.

Be responsible! Always do your own
Due Diligence before responding to
any offer.

Let's all get rich on the Internet!
Robert A. Kearse, Editor
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